DaveArt Pro Goalie Mask Concept

As a client at DaveArt you get more than artwork in absolute world class. All this is included.

DaveArt Pro Mask Care Kit

Everything you need to keep your goalie mask fresh during the season.

DaveArt Mask Box

The mask is delivered in an extra thick custom made DaveArt Mask Box.

Goodie Bag

With all mask deliveries, a DaveArt Goodie Bag is included with cool DaveArt souvenirs.

Complete Mask Warranty

Since DaveArt cooperates with the major mask producers, you get complete Mask Warranty.

DaveArt VIP Club

As a client of DAVEART you become member of DaveArt VIP Club and you will always have top priority.

Mask Recond

If the mask being painted was not brand new, DaveArt reconditions it for free and replaces older screws and fasteners.

Document Portfolio and Certification

With the finished mask, the goalie also receives a DaveArt Document Portfolio with all the artwork documents collected, including a signed Certificate verifying that it is a true DaveArt artwork.