The DAVEART Trademark Super FX

Every design David creates is also loaded with the DAVEART Trademark Super FX. It is special effects evolved and created by David during his life time of paintings. Here are some examples:

DAVEART Holographix FX

David has created this enourmos popuar paint effect and a delivers a magic 3-D depth.


Yes, the paintings actually glows in the dark, giving the designs an extra dimension

DAVEART 3-D PaintTech

After many years of development David has developed the ultimae way to achieve 3-D effects on goalie masks. David hight lights and shadows depening on how the light falls on the mask, and it maximize the effects so it pops.

Metallic FX by DAVEART

David custom mixes each and every color by hand to create the unique metallic ffects so it fit just that design. Many years of experience lays behind the knowledge how to emphaisize ceariin parts in the design to make it pop.


DAVEART also creates mirror like chromed effects incorporated into the designs, even with rainbow effects, glitterings as diamonds, or colored in different tones.

DAVEART Detail PaintTech

The highly specialized hand made technique pioneered by DAVEART for creating extraordinary details in small areas.