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DAVEART Digital Designs

DAVEART Digital Designs Custom Creations The DAVEART Digital Designs concept is a new revolutionary technology to get your goalie mask designed by DAVEART. Just as David Gunnarsson's world-famous designs, each digital design is created uniquely for each goalie. The designs are created in digital HD format in a virtual environment.

After the goalkeeper has seen the unique design on the computer screen, the design is molded onto the mask on a special microfilm, which is a real handicraft since no mask model is the same. A specially developed lamination seals the design and makes it impact-resistant and durable.

Low price and fast production

The new technology gives many advantages, especially extremely low prices and incredibly fast production.

Other benefits of this revolutionary technology is that you can quickly and easily change the design on mask in the middle of the burning season. And with the extremely affordable price, you can design all of your masks, and just like the pros go with a special home and away mask.

The price of a design is only 3995 SEK in Europe (incl. 25% VAT in EU otherwise 3195 SEK) and 495 USD in North America and rest of the world. Shipping is not included.

Check out the gallery for examples and inspiration

The design is based on the team's logo and personalized with name/number. Tell us your wishes about the look of the design and we will create a classic mask design that is completely unique for you and your team!

Check out the images of designs we have made earlier in the DAVEART Digital Designs mask gallery for examples and inspiration!

How to order

It is very easy to order your own custom design.

  1. Go the Order page.
  2. First make sure to select your location for correct conditions.
  3. Please read the Terms and conditions.
  4. Click Add to cart, continue to Checkout to complete your order.
  5. Pay with your credit card.
  6. After payment the order is confirmed and the DAVEART team will contact you to chat about the design.
  7. You send us your mask, you can also buy a mask from a dealer and have them send us the mask.
  8. You will get a digital proof to look at before the design is created on your mask. After your confirmation we put it on your mask.
  9. The production time is around 1 month after we have received your mask and you have confirmed the design.

Buy your mask here

We recommend you buy your mask from one of our partner webshops, and ask them to send the mask directly to us marked with your name:

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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