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The Hockeymask 50 Years Anniversary 1959-2009 - Richter Edition - Steve Valiquette, New York Rangers, NHL, 2009-2010

The story

David Gunnarsson got the assignment by the New York Rangers to create this tribute painting on Steve Valiquette's mask to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the goalie mask. Rangers also ordered a mask for Henrik Lundqvist. It was a magic feeling and a big honor for David Gunnarsson to get the assignment to create these unique anniversary masks. What would the hockey be without the goalie mask, this fantastic invention by Jaques Plante.

It was back in 1959 that Jaques Plante introduced the first goalie mask, in a game in Madison Square Garden. The New York Rangers team gave David a brief description of how they wanted the design, and they wanted it similar to Henrik's mask but not the same. Henrik's mask is besides the tribute to the original Plante mask also a tribute to Davidson's classic Rangers mask, but on Steve's mask they wanted a tribute to Richter's classic mask instead. David took the wishes from Rangers and put together a complete design concept, the Rangers gave thumbs up and David picked up the airbrush gun and started the painting.

One side is painted as Mike Richter's classic Rangers design, but in a slightly updated version with metallic look, cool 3-D effects and the popular DAVEART Holographix FX background pattern with the Statue Of Liberty. In the middle of the mask, both on the head and the chin, the mask is completely torn up, using really cool 3D effects.

On this other side there is a motif celebrating Jaques Plante. In the star glistening sky above the NY skyline the world's first hockey mask floats, it shines in a different way than on Henrik Lundqvist's mask. Down below the anniversary years 1959-2009 is painted, obviously with NY Rangers script letters. The base color on this side is white, and the graphic lines are the same as on the white Rangers jersey. And check out the ticket from that game back in 1959 on the chin.

Just as usual when David's in action the design is created with a detail work beyond the usual. 3-D effects and cool metallic tints glitter together with the tailor made DAVEART Holographix FX with Rangers look.

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