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Chicago SuperStars – Oprah and Michael Jordan – Potatoe Morphed - Drew MacIntyre, Chicago Wolves, AHL, 2009-2010

The story

What is this? Well, if you want Mr Potatoe on the mask, as Drew want, and plays in Chicago, it's pretty obvious... Mr Potatoe as the Chicago profiles Oprah and Michael Jordan...

David loved the idea and painted Oprah Potatoe on one side, of course in her TV sofa and with TV cameras and everything... On the other side Michael Jordan Potatoe flies in the air ready to dunk!

Around this David created a symphony of Chicago colors, uniform graphics and the cool Wolves logo. And on the chin Drew wanted a cross, just like on his last mask, with a pennant proclaiming his favorite words from the bible.

It was a great pleasure for David to tie all these threads together to a uniform whole, with awesome detail work spiced with 3-D effects and the so popular DAVEART Holographix FX. The creation literally breathes Chicago. The whole creates a design which you'll never forget...

Welcome to the home of Pro Airbrush Artist and Custom Mask Painter David Gunnarsson

See pic tour from the Crown Princess Couple's visit