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Russa / USA 2nd Dimension - Semyon Varlamov, Washington Capitals, NHL, 2009-2010

The story

David Gunnarsson's previous mask design for Washington Capitals' Russian coming star Semyon Varlamov made big success when it entered the ice at the start of the NHL season 2009-2010. Here now comes the sequel. The design goes in same spirit, but now mostly in red, in perfect symbiosis with the first mask that was mostly in blue.

Again half of the design is devoted to Russia and the other half to USA, all framed by Caps graphics. The design is a symphony of photo-realistic motifs, graphics and 3-D effects.

On one side a powerful American eagle rules, together with buildings from DC, while the Russian double headed eagle rules on the other side, a side that is even more red.

On the top the mighty Caps eagle spreads its wings, creating graphics making the whole very powerful and contrast-rich. The stars dance all over the place and frame the design together with the Capitals logos on the sides. And on each side respective country's flag is flying in cool 3-D look. The name on the chin adds even more personal touch. The line graphics is inspired by the team uniform.

Everything is created with a tremendous detail work and 3-D effects with metallic glitter. DAVEART's own innovation DAVEART Holographix FX gives a unique depth.

A design to remember.

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