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Admirals Graphix - Jeremy Smith, Milwaukee Admirals, AHL, 2009-2010

The story

When David Gunnarsson created this mask design he did it on a special day. When he was to paint the pirate ship in old style oil painting look like on old oil paintings, he needed to concentrate in a different way, and that can be done with headache! So a Friday last summer with really bad lightning when David got headache, he took the chance to create this pirate ship. It got exactly the look David wanted, thanks to the headache...

Around the ship a graphic look with the club logo was created, and around this a theme with pirate look but in a little different way.

With carefully chosen colors and patterns, and extreme detail work, this highly different design was created in lots of metallic tints and contrasts.

Welcome to the home of Pro Airbrush Artist and Custom Mask Painter David Gunnarsson

See pic tour from the Crown Princess Couple's visit