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CapsCzecher - Michal Neuvirth, Washington Capitals, NHL, 2010

The story

David about the design:

Washington Capitals' rising star Michal Neuvirth wanted to pay tribute to both his native hometown in the Czech Republic and his new hometown in USA on his mask. We bounced ideas back and forth and decided to devote his two hometowns one side each. His native hometown Usti Nad Labem has a famous castle called Hrad Strekov, a given motif on the mask. I painted it detailed on the side, together with a mountain landscape and the Czech flag flying around the chin of the mask.

The Washington side features an American eagle bringing power, and the Capitol and the Washington Monument. All weaved together almost like a postcard. Around the hometown motifs I painted a powerful design based on Washington's cool logo with the wings spreading over the mask, with 3-D effects and a clear link to the team uniform.

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