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1+29+33 Gardiens Legendaire des Canadiens - Alex Auld, Montreal Canadiens, NHL, 2011

The story

David about the design:

Alex Auld of the Montreal Canadiens had seen my paintings for some time before he got in touch with me to have me create his new mask look. With pride and joy I welcomed Alex as a new client. Alex wanted to pay tribute to three legendary Canadiens goalies that all have gotten their jerseys retired. We are talking about Plante, Dryden and Roy. With great excitement I started the work.

Alex had a unique idea, and based on that I suggested this design solution that Alex liked. We wanted to create a completely unique design, graphically clean and distinct, visible from a long distance, but also, when you check it out close lots of cool details. One side was created like Dryden’s classic mask and the other side as a classic Habs design with the logo. Then when you look close the mask enters a new dimension with its extreme detail work.

The side painted as Dryden’s classic mask features red and blue lines running around the mask forming something like a shooting target on the white base. Inside the red and blue lines I have created a design in the design, with paintings of Dryden and his number. The paintings are created in Old School Oil Paint Tech like classic drawings made with classic brush. I was inspired by the big classic artists. Alex wanted the motifs created with this technique, and it goes perfect with the theme.

In the white base you also see a motif of Dryden where he stands in his classic pose leaning on the stick. And on the forehead of the mask you see a motif of the old classic Montreal Forum. The Canadiens logo is painted as a pattern in the white bringing a 3-D feeling to the whole. All these details you see when you look close, from far this side of the mask is a tribute to Dryden’s classic mask.

On the other side the red and blue lines are opened up with flying 3-D effects. Here the Canadiens logo is painted big and powerful with a great depth. Again I have created a design inside the design with a classic motif of Roy making a save. The motif is painted with brush in old classic style, in a cool subtle way. You can also see his number.

Over the logo I have also created a big layout with Plante and his number, the famous picture of when he’s putting his mask on and his jersey is bloodied, and with plasters on the nose. Of course also this motif is created with Old School Oil Paint Tech, in blue tints and with playing lines.

It was a great pleasure to create this unique design as a tribute to these three Canadiens goalies and legends.

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