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Zombie Ducks - The Return from the Bodybag - Dan Ellis, Anaheim Ducks, NHL, 2011

The story

David about the design:

Wow, the zombie ducks occupy Anaheim...watch out! The top of the mask turns into a bodybag, and when the zipper opens up all the way to the chin, out from the bodybag comes a badass zombie duck with a mask! His eyes are burning of madness!

More zombie ducks shows up on each side of the mask...and these zombies are really of a new kind, cause they can handle weapons...a hockey stick and a chain saw! Even the classic Ducks logo on the side has turned into a zombie, check out the bloodshot eyes... Oh no, even the cute little rubber duck on the side has turned into a badass zombie!

I cannot tell you enough how funny it is to paint masks for Dan Ellis... :-)

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