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Predilicious - Anders Lindbäck, Nashville Predators, NHL, 2011

The story

David about the design:

This design is a graphic play with the so cool logos of the Predators, and is a continuation of Anders’ previous design, but here completely in Preds theme! It’s always great fun to create Anders’ designs. We discussed some design solutions back and forth before we came up with this design.

On the top of the mask the Pred logo rules, painted vertically just like on the previous mask. The rest of the design is a symphony of glittering graphics with XXFX glittering P logos in a whirling pattern. Anders also wanted the tower from the arena on one side. The blue base lifts the graphics and 3-D effects. And as usual when I have been in action lots of detail work, that is best experienced really close... :-)

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