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My Childhood 2.0 - James Reimer, Toronto Maple Leafs, NHL, 2011

The story

David about the design:

I am very proud to be James Reimer’s painter. This design is a continuation on his previous and enormously popular mask with lots of details that I got the honor to create. The design is a celebration of his childhood.

The paintings on the sides are very similar to the ones on the first mask, just some minor changes. On one side you see children playing hockey on a pond, and in the background you see a house with light in the windows, mother and father are waiting for the children to come in from the cold. I love to create paintings with much details that tell a story. This side I created like a motif in a children's book.

The other side is a tribute to James' favorite TV show Hockey Night. I painted Cherry and MacLean in blue tints in a layout on the side with glistening stars around. Around all this I put together a Maple Leafs design with the beautiful maple leaf and graphic lines that tie the whole together, creating a truly unique design. And if you look close, we have also incorporated a small celebration of Reimer’s fantastic fans on one side of the mask.

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