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Hardcorelicious PredGoalie - Pekka Rinne, Nashville Predators, NHL, 2011

The story

David about the design:

A new outrageous design for the Nashville Predators super goalie Pekka Rinne... I love to create new designs in new styles all the time, one day a classic old school design and the other day a totally insane and innovative design. I want to be as versatile as possible. Always unique stuff.

Rinne's PredGoalie from last year made such a huge success, my mailbox almost exploded with mails from fans of Rinne and Predators, and hockey fans from all over the world. Pekka and I were so happy that the design was so popular. I came up with the idea with the scary Predator behind the old school goalie mask last summer, I love new ideas, and I immediately made up some sketches how to create it. Pekka loved it at once.

This year's design is a continuation of last year's, but now even more wild and mad... So we named it Hardcorelicious PredGoalie...and I cannot tell you enough how fun I had creating it! :-) It's created in the new Predators colors, with more blue and yellow. The Predator goalie is a real badass goalie, he has lost a tooth, and he also has a tongue piercing...and his brain is showing! He has tried to fix his mask using all possible tricks, staples, needle and wire, and band-aid again of course...

A design that works both from a long distance with it's scary look, and up close with all the extreme detail work.

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