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The Music Mask - Ben Bishop, St Louis Blues, NHL, 2011

The story

David about the design:

Ben Bishop wanted me to create a design that is a tribute to the club of St Louis Blues with it's so beautiful logos and colors. He also wanted to include the old Arena of St Louis.

The design is totally inspired by music and the waves of music, we wanted it to feel like music. So I created it with playfulness, and the design floats in music lines. The white area on the side are inspired both from the jersey and from a music book with its notes, and around yellow waving lines inspired by the jersey are playing, with even more music notes. The yellow lines are of course five on the mask, just as the lines in music.

Everything created with balance and 3D and extreme detail work, a design to discover both from a distance and up close.

The old arena is created in a sketchy style in the white area, and if you look close in the blue tones you will find music notes play even in the blue metallic...

Welcome to the home of Pro Airbrush Artist and Custom Mask Painter David Gunnarsson

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