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The Theo Panther Family Mask - Jose Theodore, Florida Panthers, NHL, 2011

The story

David about the design:

Jose Theodore had such a cool idea for his new mask for his new team Florida Panthers. He wanted his own family on the mask, created as panthers...such a cool idea! I started to sketch the design at once... We came up with the idea to place the Theo family in a typical Florida environment, on the beach... :-) I love to always change style and paint new styles every day. This would be a very funny design.

So I painted the family just having a nice time on the beach. Theo himself as a big panther is lying on the beach with his cool sunglasses, drinking a cold soda, and with his daughter climbing on him. His goalie mask is of course by his side. And his wife on the other side of the mask, or beach.

Just as usual the design is created with lots and lots of details and 3-D effects, mixed with cool Florida Panthers graphics.

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