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Moosilicious Devils - Johan Hedberg, New Jersey Devils, NHL, 2011

The story

David about the design:

Oh man, the years really go by... now it is 10 years ago I created the first Moose mask for Johan Hedberg that gave him the nickname Moose... :) Maaany Moose masks have been created after that, in all kind of different styles...

This one Johan and I created in true old school style. Strong graphics with the Devils profile and logos, with strong connections to the uniform. Of course, as usual, lots and lots of details that you will see when you look close, for example a cool Devils logo pattern in sketchy style in the white base. But from a distance it's an old school design.

The Moose pops up on each side of the mask...once again dressed up in a Devils suit... watch out! That fork looks sharp...

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