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Jet Action - Sergei Bobrovsky, Philadelphia Flyers, NHL, 2011

The story

David about the design:

Sergei Bobrovsky's new Philadelphia Flyers mask is painted like an orange brickwall with stucco finish... The stucco is falling apart, and the orange bricks are shown, but it's still a brickwall. On the brickwall you find the Flyers logo, painted as a poster put on the wall. You also find graffiti painting, Bobrovsky´s name is spray painted on the brickwall...

On the other side of the mask the action starts, and just as last season you find a Russian and a US fighter jet. They are flying side by side and burst through the orange brickwall. And just as usual extreme detail work, in the background you see buildings from both Kreml and from Sergei's hometown, and lots and lots of 3-D effects all over the mask, with both metallic glitter and DAVEART Holographix FX.

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