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BC Grande - Alex Auld, Ottawa Senators, NHL, 2011

The story

David about the design:

When I created Auld´s mask for Montreal Canadiens previous season my mailbox almost exploded of mails from hockeyfans all over the world. Alex had seen my paint for a long time and wanted me to paint for him. It was so fun to create that artwork with old school oil paint tech.

When Auld signed with Ottawa this summer he contacted me the same day. I was very excited. Alex knew what kind of design he wanted and it sounded so cool. I created the layout and design plan in the middle of the hot summer.

The whole mask is painted as the centurion helmet in the Ottawa logo, and to make it more unique I came up with a bunch of ideas to spice it up. Glittering leafs, the cape of the soldier blowing in the wind, and when you come really close you will discover the reflections in the helmet from a statue of Caesar and the Coliseum, and also a centurion soldier. Details I love to create.

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