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1+31+27 Philly Legends - Michael Leighton, Philadelphis Flyers, NHL, 2011

The story

David about the design:

Mike Leighton´s new Philadelphia Flyers mask is a continuation from last season´s Broad Street Bullies tribute mask, which made huge success when we presented it and my mailbox almost exploded. When I created that design I wanted to come up with something totally new, I love to create designs in new styles and think outside the box.

This new design is totally different, but still in the old school style, and is a tribute to three legendary Flyers goalies. The design is named after their numbers. I created them on the sides with old school oil paint tech, both action shots and portraits. And yes the arrow on the top is also a tribute to a Flyers goalie legend. I put a lot of thinking behind every detail, as always... :)

From a distance the design is an old school design with great contrasts, and when you come closer a new world of details and story telling opens up. An old school design spiced up with 3-D effects and metallic effects.

Thanks for your interest.

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