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Enter The Flames - Henrik Karlsson, Calgary Flames, NHL, 2011

The story

David about the design:

I love to always evolve new design ideas. During the hot summer I came up with the idea how to create 2 flame designs in 1. With black classic flames coming from the back of the mask very interesting effects are achieved. From distance the red base also turns into unique red flames from the front of the mask. A cool way how to create a ”2 in 1 design”. The Calgary Flames keeper Henrik Karlsson loved my ideas and I started to paint.

In the front of the mask I also painted graphic lines that are inspired by the jersey, and I placed them so that from the front they feel like angry demon eyes. Gives a cool personality and profile to the mask.

I created the design with lots and lots of 3-D effects and metallic glitter, with sweet small lightning effects giving cool action. And on the chin the Calgary Tower, Karlsson´s nickname...

Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for your interest.

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