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Boone da Jet Pilot - Peter Mannino, Winnipeg Jets, NHL, 2011

The story

David about the design:

The Winnipeg Jets goalie Peter Mannino always wants the cute mascot Boone from his school years on the mask. I love when a character follows a goalie through the career, and to evolve the character from year to year. I have painted for Peter for a couple of years and we have placed Boone in all kind of situations on his masks, from a fisherman or transformed him into a bird when Peter played in Atlanta Thrashers... Now when Peter plays with Winnipeg Jets, the immediate idea was to create Boone as a fighter jet pilot. So I dressed him up in a pilot outfit and gave him a cute fighter plane to fly with... :)

Around this I created an effective, crisp and clear Jets design with the red leaf in focus. I also created the body of the mask as the body of a plane with nits and metal effects. The metal has been torn open, Boone has to fly carefully... The design of the mask is also mixed with a design connection to Peters pads. And as usual, lots and lots of details.

As you can see I had lots of fun when I created this design a hot summer day.

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