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Gameday in Anaheim - Jeff Deslauriers, Anaheim Ducks, NHL, 2011

The story

David about the design:

Gameday in Anaheim is the name of the Anaheim Ducks keeper Jeff Deslauriers´ new mask. Jeff had such a cool idea for the mask and I loved it at once. He really likes the classic photo of the goalie Ken Dryden leaning on his stick. How about painting a duck goalie in that same cool pose? Around that idea I then created a theme with ducks playing hockey, mixed with an action packed graphic design from the Ducks uniforms, and just as usual lots and lots of details to discover all over the mask.

So all over the mask i painted ducks playing hockey, and when ducks play hockey it is with great speed and action, just check out the ducks skating on the side... And check out that drooling Ducks goalie bursting out from the mask...he just saved the puck with his mouth, that is what I call badass goalie... :) They play with such incredible speed it is duck feathers flying all over the mask. And watch out for those feathers... they return on more Ducks masks... I cannot tell you enough how fun it was to create this design for Jeff Deslauriers.

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