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DragonGuard - Leland Irving, Calgary Flames, NHL, 2011

The story

David about the design:

A guardian dragon fits perfect on a mask for a goalie guarding the net. The Calgary Flames keeper Leland Irving had such a cool classic idea. I created the dragon winding around the mask, no puck wanna go there... The whole design is painted in a very old school style, white base, and the dragon is inspired from old school tattoo style. The flames around the mask and the script on the chin are also very old school.

Dragons are a perfect theme on a mask. Check out Leland´s last mask on the site. This new dragon I created in a totally different style compared to the previous. I love to change paint styles from day to day when I paint, depending on what style and feeling the designs needs. When I made the early sketches for this one I was very inspired by old school tattoo styles.

This asymmetric winding design with so different sides gives a cool effect when the mask is turn side to side. Just as usual it is painted with extreme details to be discovered all over the mask, and DAVEART Holographix FX gives sweet 3-D effects, spiced with metallic glitter and golden fadings.

Among the details I also painted a sky on the side with a bomber plane flying, that is a tribute to Leland´s uncle that passed away this summer.

Thank you for your interest.

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