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Vintage Art Of Lundqvist - Henrik Lundqvist, New York Rangers, NHL, 2011

The story

David about the design:

The New York Rangers star keeper Henrik Lundqvist´s Winter Classic mask is here. It is a time machine that takes us on a journey back in time. This is mask art in a vintage style in a totally new way, the Lundqvist way.

Henrik had a vision how to make a mask that looks really old...and not just old, it should also look as it has been used, not only used but heavily used for many, many years... A mask that looks so old, that it seems to have been laying at an attic for many, many decades... It is dusty, it is sun bleached, there is even rust around the screws... Heavily used...with lots of scratches and chippings...and puck marks...and marks from the crossbar... This mask has its own history from all the games it has experienced... It was so much fun to create this design.

The feeling over the mask should be like when you were a kid, and you were at grandmas and grandpas place, and you were on a treasure hunt in the attic to find cool old stuff, and among all those cool old stuff you found this piece... A mask with a history.

When we talked about the design I made som concept drawings for Henrik and he loved it and I started right way. The base design I created is very vintage styled in both layout and colors, creamy colors with a strong connection to the Winter Classic jersey. And I also added a lot of cool 3-D effects just to mix the styles, and just as usual, lots and lots of details to discover all over the mask.

To create this mask was a lifetime memory. Hope you enjoy it.

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