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PredPirates 2.0 - Jeremy Smith, Nashville Predators, NHL, 2011

The story

David about the design:

I am very happy to present the Nashville Predators goalie Jeremy Smith´s latest artwork. I have been painting for Jeremy for a couple of years and it is always so fun. Jeremy always has so cool ideas. This design I created in the middle of the hot summer. First we talked about different ideas, it is very interesting to create a design that is a mix of two teams, Predators and Admirals. This design idea popped up in my head when I was laying at the beach... :) Jeremy immediately gave me green light.

How about splitting the mask by the horizontal middle line, and use that as the ocean line in the painting? It worked great.

The whole design is created as a clean and classic design, yet so full of details ready to be discovered all over the mask. Many of the effects are created with metallic and can only be seen in real.

The upper part is dedicated to Admirals, I painted an ocean line and a cool Admirals ship is cruising the water. A fun detail with the ships is that they are created with an old school brush. I love to mix paint techniques. In the sky above the ocean I created the Admirals skull logo with graphic lines in silver and metallic.

The lower part of the design is a very classic theme with the cool logos of Predators, I really love the new logos.

Thank you for your interest.

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