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Legends - Tyler Beskorowany, Dallas Stars, NHL, 2011

The story

David about the design:

I am very happy to present the Dallas Stars goalie Tyler Beskorowany´s new mask. When Tyler told me what he wanted on his new mask I was totally thrilled. He wanted a tribute design for his two musician heroes, Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson. I couldn´t wait to get started.

Tyler had some awesome ideas about the design, he especially wanted a kind of green falling star as a part of the design. And Tyler´s equipment manager Brian is also a brilliant artist and he showed me some of his awesome drawings. I created and sketched a design plan and I got green light to get started. It was so incredible fun to paint this design.

One side is dedicated to Cash, and the other side to Nelson. I wanted it to be a worthy and clean design, in the same style as the awesome music of the artists. I love to change style in paint, depending on the theme and what feeling I want to bring into the design.

Just as usual the design is packed with extreme detail work to be discovered all over the design, many of them created with metallic and only visible when seen live.

Thank you for you interest.

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