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American Zombies - Steve Mason, Columbus Blue Jackets, NHL, 2012

The story

David about the design:

Steve Mason of the Columbus Blue Jackets told me he wanted something really, really scary, created in a new way... At that time I was watching a zombie movie when I painted, yes, I always watch movies when I paint... :-)

Zombies are so scary and creepy, so I came up with a very scary design theme with zombies, but in a new style, mixed with American theme and also Blue Jackets colors and graphics. Steve loved my ideas...

To get in the right zombie mode I watched all my favorite zombie movies when I painted. I am also a big fan of the TV serie Walking Dead, I both watch the serie and read the comic. My favorite zombie movies are Dawn of the dead, Shawn of the dead, 28 weeks and 28 months, just to name a few... :-) I always do a lot research before I start any artwork... :-)

I had so fun when I created the design. The design has a clear look from distance, but when you come closer you will discover more and more details and the design transforms in front of your eyes, and becomes a big bad zombie attack!

Thank you for your interest.

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