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Dex goes Top Gun - Highway to the DangerZone - Mark Dekanich, Winnipeg Jets, NHL, 2012

The story

David about the design:

Dex goes Tom Cruise and Top Gun and transforms himself into a fighter jet pilot when Mark Dekanich moves to the Winnipeg Jets... He have jumped into his fighter jet plane and flies over the St John Ice Caps´s mountains...but watch out! He has dropped a bomb...and check it out, even if the bomb looks kind with the smiley...it is not, look closer...the power switch is turned on!

It is always such a joy to paint for you Mark! And as always Dex shows up on the masks. :-) Just as usual the design is full pumped with details and effects to explore. One important ingredient for Dex on this mask was the Canadian leaves, since it´s his first Canadian pro mask.

Thank you all for your great interest!

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