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The Habs Mummy Mask - Peter Delmas, Montreal Canadiens, NHL, 2012

The story

David about the design:

Watch out! With this mask on Peter Delmas of the Montreal Canadiens becomes a drooling mummy goalie!

The mask is transformed into a mummy head... a scary one... and this mummy wants to play hockey as you can see, cause he have put on an old school goalie mask, and it is not just a mask, it is a real classic Habs mask... do you recognize it...?

Peter wanted a scary and action packed design, with some humor, and insane details... We started brainstorming... I love this process how to come up with new unique ideas and solutions, day in day out... And out from my airbrush guns this mummy jumped!

We´ll see if the players dare to come close to this mummy, so much is going on there, you find spiders, and a really scary Egyptian scarab beetle! And if the players dare to come really close they will find Egyptian hieroglyphs in the mask! Welcome to a journey of discoveries!

Thank you all for your interest!

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