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Wile E Pirate - Louis Domingue, Phoenix Coyotes, NHL, 2012

The story

David about the design:

Watch out...seems like Wile E Coyote...oops sorry, I mean Wile E Pirate is ready for some action. Players, beware...!

The whole mask is made of sandstone, and on the right side it looks kind of calm and nice... But on the other side it is action to the max... Wile E Pirate is breaking through the Arizona sandstone wall with his pirate sword and hook... Stuff is flying all over. Beware all you players out there, we do not recommend getting close to him... :-)

Louis Domingue thought it could be a cool idea to dress up a coyote as a pirate on the mask, to mix the teams Coyotes and Portland Pirates... I loved the idea and setup a plan, I got green light from Louis and I started to work.

Louis, it was such awesome feeling to create this design for you and pump it with details to discover all over the mask.


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