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Canucks - Joacim Eriksson, Vancouver Canucks, NHL, 2013

The story

David about the design:

Eriksson´s new Canucks mask is here

It´s with a great joy we present Joacim #Eriksson´s new Vancouver #Canucks mask. Me and Jocke have been working together for many years and it´s always so exciting to create his mask designs. It´s extra special to create the first #NHL mask for a young talent like Jocke.

Me and Jocke talked a lot during summer and a plan crystallized how we could create this new mask look. It is all built on the beautiful logos of Vancouver Canucks, and we wanted to make it into a cool mix of old school feeling and modern FX. A design that works in all angles. The design is also loaded with details to be discovered all over the mask, just what I love to do :)

Thank you all for your interest, and thank you Jocke, it´s so fun to create your masks!

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