David Gunnarsson and his team at DAVEART would love to help you create your cool mask design.

Pro goalies:

Goalies in the NHL, AHL, KHL, SHL etc. – send an e-mail directly to david@daveart.com and the ball is rolling.

Non pro goalies:

David gets thousands of requests every year to custom paint for non pro goalies in all ages all over the world. That’s totally awesome and David would love to help and paint for as many as possible, David is incredibly happy and thankful for the interest in his paint. It is a dream come true.

David custom paints masks with airbrush, a time-consuming handicraft where every mask is 100% unique. And as you understand David cannot paint for all, there’s just not enough time. Therefore he is specialized in painting for pro goalies.

But of course David wants to help as many as possible to get a cool mask design. Here are two ways how you as a non pro goalie can get a DAVEART custom design to your mask:

DAVEART Charity Auction Mask

Every two months David runs a charity auction, and the winner gets his mask painted. 50% of the bid goes directly to Barncancerfonden, a non-profit organisation dedicated to collecting money to prevent and combat cancer diseases in children. Learn more on the Charity Auction Mask page.


Are you a hero? Or do you know a hero? Anyone can be a HERO. Maybe you are helping your grandma cut the grass every summer, maybe you’ve learned your little sister to swim.

Every half year we pick out one person that gets his or her own dream design painted and created by David, on a brand new Bauer pro mask. All this FOR FREE! Go to the HERO Mask page to learn more.