To paint a hockey mask …when Dave does it

When Dave paints a hockey mask it´s not just a paintjob, it is a passion and his air.

The most important elements when creating an artwork on a mask are fantasy and creativity, to be able to think outside the box.

DAVEART´s goal is to be as versatile as possible, to be able to climb into the goalie´s brain and create whatever the goalie wants. It doesn´t matter if it´s a photo-realistic design, old school graphics, a cool team logo theme, cartoons, horror theme, a special tribute to a hero, or whatever comes to mind. DAVEART´s job is to pull it off.

A true mask artwork is a design that flows, is balanced, and fits with the goalies´ equipment and team colors while not forgetting the history and soul of the team or the goalkeeper.

DAVEART can create a unique and special design from as little or as much input from the goalie as available. With a great deal of experience working from napkin sketches or verbal descriptions of a goalie´s vision all the way to detailed specific directions, DAVEART is able to translate the vision into reality.

A true mask artist must be able to paint extremely detailed on small and rounded areas, creating depth and 3-D effects to make the design come to alive on the mask.

DAVEART has close association with the best color experts of today, to evolve and develop a number of special painting techniques to help make the design look even more spectacular. For example Metallic FX by DAVEART, DAVEART XXFX Glitter, DAVEART XXFX Chrome, extremely popular DAVEART Holographix FX and of course DAVEART 3D PaintTech that makes the art comes to alive.

DAVEART utilizes extreme creativity, passion, and vast experience in specially painting masks, creating unique designs that its´ clients will be proud of.